COLD WAX MEDIUM: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations

Winner of two 2018 international book awards!

The first and only comprehensive book of its kind, it provides artists and collectors with everything they need to know about this exciting and versatile medium.

...will provide both inspiration and practical information for decades to come.
— John Seed, The Huffington Post
The authors’ guide is almost impossibly comprehensive...a timely and timeless volume, it’s hard to imagine that its scope and quality will be exceeded anytime soon.
— Kirkus Reviews

Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations.

More than just a technical guide, this 320-page, fully illustrated book provides comprehensive information for those who are new to cold wax, as well as technical expertise and inspiration to those already using the medium. The authors' advice and experience--along with the work and words of over 100 artists from around the world--will strengthen your work and studio practice, suggest exciting new directions, and support thoughtful self-critique.

Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin feel strongly that the "why" of using cold wax medium is as important as the “how.” Many of the artists whose work appears in the book speak about collaboration, process, and experimentation. The authors include their own thoughts about these topics, and more. And because readers also want clear information and direction for working with cold wax, large sections of the book are devoted to important practical information, including:  materials, detailed lists of supplies, studio setup, illustrated how-to sections, and in-depth discussion of procedures. Book purchasers will also have exclusive access to additional bonus material available online.  

  • Full color photographs of artwork from more than 100 artists around the world, including abstract images, portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and work that combines cold wax with sculpture, collage, encaustic, printmaking, and other media.

  • In-depth information on choosing materials and tools, setting up a safe and functional studio, making cold wax medium, and more.

  • Illustrated techniques for combining cold wax medium with oils, dry pigments, and other materials to create a wide range of effects.

  • Techniques and insights into the creative process contributed by over 40 artists.

  • Advice for building visual vocabulary, aligning form and content, finding personal voice, and practicing self-critique.

  • Overview of the history of cold wax in art.

  • An extensive list of suppliers and resources.