Introductory & advanced cold wax workshops in Drezzo, Italy

with Jerry McLaughlin and rebecca crowell

Introductory workshop: August 3 - 8, 2019

Advanced workshop: August 13 - 18, 2019

Drezzo, Italy

$1,700 (per workshop)

These special 6 - day workshops will take place at Cascina Rodiani in Drezzo, Italy - along the Swiss border, about 25 miles northwest of Milan.

  • 6 days offers participants time for dedicated and focused painting, as well as time to develop some work

  • Each participant will get the opportunity to meet individually with Jerry & Rebecca 

  • Depending on the workshop, there will be in-depth discussions on the elements of art, abstraction, personal voice, and alignment of form and content


This is our third time teaching at Cascina Rodiani, a beautifully restored 17th century farmhouse in the mountains of northern Italy, just miles from Lake Como. It is an experience like no other. Most participants choose to stay at the Cascina. The eco-friendly resort has beautiful rooms with stone walls and floors, hand made wood doors and shutters, and modern style and amenities. There is a new sauna and a new swimming pond. If you do stay at the Cascina, we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together - homemade Italian food and wine (if you like). Our workspace is a beautiful, open, outdoor atelier overlooking gardens and trees. Workshops are intense experiences, so some artists do prefer lodging away from the Cascina and join us only for some their meals. That is fine and offers the chance to ‘get away’ in the evening for some rest and quiet reflection.

NOTE: Single rooms at the Cascina are limited, and participants interested in staying on-site for this unique workshop experience should be prepared to have a roommate. You will get specific information on this when we connect you with the owners, Samuel and Mima. If you have an artist friend you’d like to work with, invite them!


Bringing a copy of the book to the workshops is strongly recommended. (Click HERE if you would like to purchase.)

Advanced workshop August 13 - 18, 2019:

This special advanced 6-day workshop that offers some very special features:

  • Each participant will get the opportunity to meet individually with Jerry & Rebecca. 

  • Along with in-depth discussions on abstraction, personal voice, and alignment of form and content, Jerry and Rebecca will help participants explore these topics in their work .

  • Rebecca and Jerry will also cover advanced concepts relating to color, transparency/opacity, value/contrast, technical mastery of your tools and surface, and more.

  • 6 days offers participants time to develop several pieces by the end of the workshop and participants are encouraged to bring works in progress. 

This advanced workshop is suited for artists experienced with cold wax medium. Participants must have either studied with Jerry or Rebecca previously OR must submit 6 to 8 images of completed cold wax work for instructor review. 

Introductory workshop August 3 - 8, 2019:

Based on their groundbreaking book, Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations, this workshop offers demos and hands-on experience with cold wax medium, a beeswax paste used at room temperature to expand the artistic possibilities of traditional oil paint. It eliminates “fat over lean” rules and allows for the creation of lush, complex textures. Its translucent qualities encourage the development of rich history through layering, while its plasticity urges the creation of surface through digging, scraping, and mark-making using a variety of nontraditional tools. With this versatile medium artists can incorporate textures and create beautiful surfaces using:  oil sticks, powdered pigments, pastels, metal leaf, sand, and more into their work. Cold wax paintings dry to a gorgeous and durable matte surface which needs no varnish or other protective coating. During the workshop, you will explore the basic materials, tools, surfaces, and techniques used with cold wax medium. You will paint using cold wax, oils, pigment sticks, powdered pigments, and a variety of tools, and experience the expressive potential in layering, texture, and mark-making. In addition, artists will address barriers to creativity, letting go, and working more freely.



The fee for each of these workshops is $1,700 USD. This does NOT include lodging or meals. If you would like to sign up for both workshops, we offer a 12% discount and the total would be $3,000.