Quality tools that are just right for your way of painting are essential for beautiful results. In 2018 we launched SP CREATE Cold Wax Tools to meet the specific needs of artists using cold wax medium. Our custom-designed, exclusive line of brayers and squeegees offer you the highest degree of expression and durability. SP CREATE Tools are available exclusively through our website.

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Experience the smooth, even rolling and durable construction of our custom-made brayers. The non-latex roller is just the right softness for creating beautiful surface effects. The metal axle, mounted in a metal frame, keeps the brayer rolling smoothly and makes cleanup easy.

With four sizes available, you’ll find a great fit for any scale. Purchasing the full set offers you complete versatility.



Our exclusive, custom-designed silicone squeegees have the perfect balance of stiffness and flex for creating beautiful cold wax surfaces.

Available in 5 sizes, from 4” to 9”, you’ll find them indispensable for all your needs -- from working in fine detail to laying down large areas of color.

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Starter KiT

LIMITED TIME OFFER. Save time and money. Our convenient starter kit includes everything you need to begin exploring the exciting creative potential of cold wax medium, including: Gamblin Cold Wax Medium and oil paints, Gamsol, R&F Pigment Sticks, PanPastels, Ampersand Gessobord, Arches Oil Paper, Multimedia Artboard, our exclusive brayer and squeegee, and more.