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How do I watch the video on my computer using the USB drive?

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Simply plug your USB drive into the computer. Open the drive content in a window as you normally would. You should see two versions of the video, regular and closed-captioned. Choose the one you want, and open the folder. You will get something that looks like this:

  • The play.html file opens and runs the menu program.

    • how to use the menu function is described below.

  • The resources foler contains the images and information for the menu program. YOU SHOULD NOT OPEN OR ALTER THE CONTENTS OF THIS FILE.

  • The videos folder contains the actual video files in .mp4 format. You can view the video using the play.html menu program -OR- you can open the video files individually by opening the videos folder and double clicking the one you want to view.

How do I use the USB drive on my tablet or phone?

As explained in our email from March 27, 2019 to all pre-sale purchasers, as well as on our website and storefront, the USB drive will likely need an adapter and application download specific to your own device. As there are so many kinds of tablets and phones on the market, we are unable to provide technical assistance for this use. Please look online or contact the manufacturer of your device. It can be frustrating to try and do this. We discussed this with multiple technical specialists prior to release of our video. Here is their response: Tablets and phones were never designed to access menus from a USB drive, as USB drives were never meant to be a video delivery format. The USB is for computers only. The future of media consumption is with apps and streaming or downloadable media.

Can I watch the videos on my television?

Yes. This is best done by playing the video on your computer and connecting your computer to your television via an appropriate cable and using it as a second monitor/screen. Some newer televisions have USB ports. However, watching directly via USB is challenging. We contacted multiple technical specialists about this. Here is the summary they gave us: Smart TV's were never designed to access menus from a USB drive, as USB drives were never meant to be a video delivery format. While Smart TV manufactures offer the USB drive, they never agreed on video or USB drive formatting. Essentially, a USB is designed for computers only. The future of media consumption is with apps and streaming or downloadable media.

Can I download the video workshop from the drive to my computer?

No. The USB option was created for people with poor internet connectivity and/or insufficient memory to download 10GB of video content.

How do I use the menu?

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Since the workshop is nearly 7 hours long, we divided it to allow for easier viewing. The menu allows you to navigate. To use the menu function, simply launch the play.html program mentioned above. (NOTE: the menu runs on HTML, so will use your default browser program like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. However, you DO NOT need to be connected to the internet to use the menu program.) The menu will open up. The menu for each Part looks like this, and you can click to watch any of the Sections or view an individual lesson.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 9.22.42 AM.png

If you would like to view individual topics, click SELECT INDIVIDUAL LESSON on the main menu of that Part. This will open up the submenu, which looks like this. You can then view any specific lesson or topic you wish by clicking on the circle with the topic.

How can I skip to a particular demo or lesson on the video?

Simply click on SELECT INDIVIDUAL LESSON on the main menu page, and you will be taken to the sub-menu where you can choose an individual lesson by clicking the circle with the content that interests you. You can also scroll ahead or back while watching any portion of the video.

Can I watch the video non-stop from beginning to end?

No. Because it is nearly 7 hours long, we opted to divide it into Sections. You can, however, watch each Section and, using the menu, navigate to a specific Section or even view a specific lesson that interests you.

What happens if I lose or break my USB drive?

Your USB drive is a one-time purchase, so please protect it carefully as you would any other valuable item you own.

I thought there was closed captioning?

The file creation and menu function do not allow for turning off the captions. The USB version has both options on it. When you open the USB Drive you will see both regular and closed-captioned. Open the one you want to view.

Can I show the video in the workshop I am teaching?

Squeegee Press owns the rights to the entire video workshop content. You MAY NOT show it for commercial or teaching purposes without our specific written permission. Please reach out to us if you would like to make arrangements for a viewing of a particular segment.

Can I show the video to my artist group or gallery?

Please reach out to us if this is something you are interested in. You must obtain written permission from us to do this.