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Consider gifting yourself these videos, as I did! Having taken workshops from both Jerry and Rebecca over the past nine years, I’m thrilled that I will now have another valuable tool to draw from in the studio. I welcome the ability to review their techniques while watching them work. This video will be invaluable in my studio.
— Ginny Herzog |
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Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin have done it again! Their in-person, instructional workshops are sold-out events across the world, and their phenomenal book is both a best seller and a multi-award winner. Now they’ve combined the best features of both to produce this exceptional Video Workshop. This is one of the best instructional videos I have ever watched!
— Max McConkey |


with Rebecca Crowell & Jerry McLaughlin

Jerry McLaughlin and Rebecca Crowell take their highly respected teaching practice beyond the classroom with this 29-part High-Definition (HD) video that packs in all the demonstrations, techniques, and topics they present in the 5-day workshops they teach around the world.  Over a year in the making, it was filmed and edited by a professional team of videographers and is nearly 7 hours long! Their book and video together will offer an unrivaled, in-depth learning experience. The video has finished the pilot testing and is now available on digital download! The USB version is being produced and should ship in late April.

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Even though I had taken several workshops, within minutes, I learned something that helped me with a painting I was working on.
— Sawsan S
I felt at the time ordering the video it was a bit expensive, but I have since completely changed my mind. What a potent treasure of resources: your workshop, book, and video. They are just so helpful, both as a technical and an inspirational resource.
— Allan S

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Our video is available in two formats:

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: This is the preferred version for most people. When you pre-order this version you will receive a confirmation email after your purchase. When our HD video is released, you will receive an email notification that the video files are available. You will visit the link and, just like for any movie or video your might purchase, you download the files to your computer or device. You can then view at your convenience. You will be able to download the workshop up to 3 times. Please note: Because of the length of the video (nearly 7h) and because they are HD Quality, the file sizes are large. You will need high-speed internet and at least 12GB of free memory on your device. 

USB FLASH DRIVE: We offer this version for those few individuals who who do not have sufficient internet connectivity or memory to use the Digital Download Version. When you pre-order this version, you will receive a confirmation email after your purchase. When the video is released, your professionally packaged, 16GB USB Flash Drive will be sent automatically to the shipping address you listed at purchase. There is no download from the USB drive. It must be plugged in to watch the content on your computer. If you want to view this on your tablet or other device you will likely need an adapter and/or special application. Please make sure you understand the adapters, applications, or other requirements if you want to watch on a device other than your computer.