Italy_17_Web-0683.jpg comprehensive as it gets.
— Sharon P.

Jerry McLaughlin and Rebecca Crowell are proud to offer their comprehensive workshops in abstract painting with cold wax. Based on the philosophy of their groundbreaking book, Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations, each of these workshops focuses on progressive skills and artistic expression using cold wax and oils as a medium.

Jerry and Rebecca teach both separately and jointly. Click on a date and location for more information.


Jerry is a highly skilled teacher. Study with him for his knowledge, ability to teach, and ability to support creativity in other artists.
— Barbara S.


She is an artist who “walks the talk,” modeling a dedication to personal integrity and professional excellence.
— Katherine R.

Depending on the particular date and setting, workshops are taught by Rebecca or Jerry individually, or sometimes jointly. Detailed information is provided with each specific course date and location.

Artists who have studied with Rebecca or Jerry previously, or who have significant cold wax experience, can begin with the Advanced Workshops. However, even experienced artists who are just starting with cold wax should begin with the Introductory Workshop. Some extended workshops (5 or more days) may combine elements of two, and these are generally appropriate for all levels.